Show Jumping


Show Jumping

Arena footing for Show Jumping

ReitenRight recognizes that complete trust in your arena footing is paramount to success at any level of show jumping. ReitenRight offers the unique combination of stability and cushioning providing the optimal outcome for everyday training. Our footing’s rigidity allows you and your horse to take-off securely with increased power and efficiency. Superior energy return ensures a safe landing surface providing enough give to lessen fatigue and reduce soft-tissue damage.

It’s the perfect addition to commercial jumper geo textile high grade sand footing. It adds absorption and support without compromising the stability. I would recommend it as an additive to all commercial facilities.
— Guy McElvain, HIPICO Santa Fe, Co-founder

Performance Additive

ReitenRight has proven to be an amazing additive for both existing and new sand arenas. In combination with existing fibre blend arenas, ReitenRight can be used as a top dressing to reduce packing and bring life back to your arena footing. Our advanced material structure provides security, giving you and your horse confidence to train at your very best.

Injury Prevention

Shock, impact and concussion create a great deal of strain on a horse’s muscular and skeletal structures. ReitenRight’s ability to compress and dampen the impact of a hoof strike means less force and stress on your horse’s anatomical structures. By creating compressible space within your footing, ReitenRight provides optimal cushioning helping to reduce risk of injury and fatigue.

Durable Performance

ReitenRight’s open-cell structure allows each particle to be full compressed without compromising its ability to rebound back into shape. This feature greatly increases the longevity and responsiveness of your arena footing and contributes to a more effortless way of going.

Resource Efficient

The unique material structure of ReitenRight retains moisture while still promoting good drainage. This unique combination helps to reduce dust and lessen the rate and volume of watering required. ReitenRight does not require a specific type of harrow or drag, you can use the equipment you already have and spend that extra cash on something fancy!


Jumping for Joy with HIPICO Santa Fe

About ReitenRight

Customers Include:

  • Guy McElvain; HIPICO Santa Fe

  • Chelsea Cavanaugh; Twins Oaks Farm

  • Greg Franklin; Canterbury Farms

  • Alexis Taylor; Aleron Stables

  • Lorrie Jamieson; Klondike Victory Farm

  • Abe Groen; First Choice Equestrian

  • Shaun Murray; Alpine Equestrian

  • Jennifer Tims; Twin Valley Equestrian

ReitenRight premium footing: uncompromised and unparalleled, it is the culmination of extensive study and development. Every facet from the performance benefits to the environmental impact was reviewed and results in a product that is the best of all worlds.

ReitenRight is comprised of the very same materials found in natural rubber athletic mats. These materials were sought out and selected by ReitenRight’s development team because of the extremely high performance, durability, and health specifications inherent in these products.

However, they didn’t stop there, as not all mats are created equal. Only very specific styles and makes of matting meet the high standards of our Footing. This ensures that toxins and contaminants that may pose a threat to riders, horses and the environment have no place in your arena.


ReitenRight and Geo-Textile Arenas