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Frequently asked questions

See below for answers to common questions about ReitenRight Premium Footing. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

1. How do you install ReitenRight? How long does it take?

ReitenRight is installed as a top-dressing to your sand arena and takes between 1-3 hours depending on the size of your space. We typically advise our clients to divide the arena into 4-5 equal sections and distribute an even amount of ReitenRight within each section. You can use an arena tractor bucket, a manure spreader or simply hand rake ReitenRight into the top layer of sand. Once ReitenRight is evenly spread it is best to thoroughly harrow or drag your arena to blend it with your current footing. It typically takes 3-4 weeks for ReitenRight to completely settle. For more information you can access our complete install guide here.

2. How do you maintain ReitenRight? Do I need to buy any new equipment?

ReitenRight is very simple to maintain and is suitable for almost all types of sand arenas, both indoor and out. We don’t require any special care, harrows or other equipment. Given the high quality of the materials used in ReitenRight, a lesser ratio of additive to sand is required to achieve optimal results. In many situations, the frequency and volume of water required may be significantly reduced. We suggest a regular harrow/drag schedule to maintain the optimal consistency.

3. Will ReitenRight work effectively if my arena already has an additive in it?

Yes! ReitenRight is compatible with most equestrian sands with or without other additives such as fibre, Nike and crumb rubber. It has proven to be an excellent additive for existing fibre blend footings that have a tendency to pack and be unforgiving, significantly increasing the cushioning and energy return. It has also been successfully used alongside MAG flakes and oiled surfaces. Please feel free contact us with any other inquiries on arena additives.

4. How is ReitenRight shipped? How do I get it?

ReitenRight is shipped in large totes, or super-sacs that contain approximately 70 cubic feet of product. They can be easily moved with a tractor bucket or forklift, if you are unable to lift them with your equipment you can drag them along a smooth surface.

5. Do I need a drainage system in place?

If you are using ReitenRight in your outdoor arena we do suggest having a sufficient drainage system in place to be able to use your arena year-round. Without a drainage system in place your arena may be prone to standing water.

6. Is ReitenRight a suitable product for outdoor arenas?

ReitenRight is an impressive additive that was designed to bring life to your indoor or outdoor arena. Its high quality materials, natural rubber and an interlocking textile web provide great rigidity and a durable, long-lasting outcome. ReitenRight itself will not freeze which helps to prevent your sand from freezing in the winter months. Olympian and early ReitenRight ambassador, Leslie Reid, has found that ReitenRight works really well as an additive for her sand paddocks. Given its porous nature, ReitenRight binds well with your sand, preventing it from blowing away in strong winds. It does very well after a winter of heavy snowfall and while you can expect a small amount of material to run off after heavy rains, it holds up much better than any other type of additive material.

7. How long does ReitenRight last?

Depending on the volume of traffic in your arena, the majority of clients don’t need to make alterations to their footing for 3-5 years. If your arena has a very high volume of traffic or is subjected to harsh elements, you may feel the need to add top-up bags after 2 years.