The World's Best Horse Arena Footing

 ReitenRight - Everyday Soundness

ReitenRight is a blend of both open-cell and closed-cell materials; picture a sponge and bubble wrap, respectively. The open-cell particles absorb and retain moisture helping to bind the surrounding footing, reduce dust, and minimize watering needs. The closed-cell particles provide excellent energy return and add a spring to your horse's stride. The overall result is superb cushioning without compromised traction

“With 25-30 horses going through my arena per day ReitenRight has been able to cut my harrowing and watering in half. ReitenRight also takes the edge off landings which I strongly believe leads to a more sound ride for both horse and rider.”
— Jacqueline Patmore (Timberlea Farms)

HOrse Arena Footing For Every Environment

The wellbeing of riders, horses, and the environment are paramount to everyone at ReitenRight. Our Footing contains only materials that exceed both European and North American standards for goods that come into direct contact with human skin. Furthermore, it is PVC and phthalate free. To top it all off, ReitenRight is antimicrobial so it resists mould and mildew, prolonging the performance of the material. This makes it an ideal material for both your indoor & outdoor horse arena footing.

“ReitenRight has been great for our arena and is feeling even better as it works in.”
— Leslie Reid (Top Fox Stables)

Made of the Finest Material for Horse footing

ReitenRight is comprised of the very same materials found in natural rubber athletic mats. These materials were sought out and selected by ReitenRight’s development team because of the extremely high performancedurability, and health specifications inherent in these products. However, they didn’t stop there, as not all mats are created equal. Only very select styles and makes of mats are incorporated into our Footing. This ensures that toxins and contaminants that may pose a threat to riders, horses and the environment have no place in your arena.

“The difference with ReitenRight is not only a noticeable difference in give and spring of the footing, but also an audible difference in the sound of the footfalls.”
— Rhonda Thompson (Jump Start Stables)