Q. How do I know if ReitenRight Footing Additive is right for me?

A. ReitenRight is the most innovative new footing additive on the market today. It has been specially selected to increase the performance of almost all types of current footing systems, including sand, crusher dust, and hog fuel. ReitenRight provides remarkable spring and stability and can be catered to ensure optimal benefit. It creates a platform for a more sound ride, contributing to fewer injuries, and less impact for both horse and rider. ReitenRight is a premium product built with performance in mind.


Q. Can I try ReitenRight before I buy it?

A. There are a few ways that you can experience ReitenRight in order to determine whether it's right for you. First, you can order a small sample kit here, or if you’d like to test ReitenRight in a corner of your arena, you can order a larger trial here. We'd also love to meet you so please check out where the ReitenRight team will be next on our events page.


Q. Can I use it in both my indoor and outdoor rings? Where else can I use it?

A. ReitenRight has been successfully used in both indoor and outdoor arenas, with impressive results. Its durable, weather-resistant properties make it the ideal additive for both extremes. ReitenRight can also be used to provide cushioning and stability in round pens, hot walkers, or even paddocks and exercise areas. 


Q. What if my horse swallows my ReitenRight Footing Additive?

A. ReitenRight is non-toxic and will not cause serious harm to your horse or other animals. If your horse swallows it, which we're yet to hear of happening, you will most likely see it later that day while shovelling up your horse droppings.


Q. How often do I need to replace it?

A. ReitenRight is comprised of both natural and synthetic rubbers that have been infused with a natural antimicrobial to prevent decomposition. Therefore, there is no need to ever fully replace your ReitenRight, though periodic top-ups can be beneficial. We recommend a small top-up of ReitenRight every 2-3 years to maintain maximal benefit. This is to ensure that both horse and rider consistently experience a sound and safe ride.


Q. How do I install ReitenRight?

A. ReitenRight is delivered to your facility in custom poly super-sacs, allowing for easy dispersal. A tractor, a few friends with rakes, and a harrow is all that’s required to properly install the ReitenRight Footing Additive in your arena or desired space. The ReitenRight customer service team will include detailed instructions with your order and be available, at your convenience, to answer any questions you may have.


Q. How much does it cost?

A. The cost to install ReitenRight depends on your specific needs. It is sold on a volume basis with shipping and taxes dependent on your location. ReitenRight will be happy to provide you a quote at your convenience. Feel free to call us toll free at 1.877.275.1598, email us at info@reitenright.com, or fill out a quick form here and one of our Sales Associates will be in touch very shortly. 


Q. What is ReitenRight made of?

A. The ReitenRight Footing Additive is made of the same natural and synthetic materials found in high quality athletic and yoga mats. The specially selected blend is comprised of open and closed cell rubbers connected by textile fibers, for cohesion and structure. All elements are non-toxic, antimicrobial, and meet or exceed both European and North American Health and Safety standards.


Q. How do I know how much ReitenRight to order?

A. The team at ReitenRight works with each customer individually to determine the suitable volume of our footing required for their specific needs. A number of variables are considered that include: riding discipline, arena use, footing base, arena dimensions (length, width, depth), local environment, indoor/outdoor, and more.


Q. Is ReitenRight Footing Additive ever dusty or slippery?

A. ReitenRight retains appropriate amounts of moisture, helping to prevent dust and slipperiness. 


Q. Does ReitenRight blow or wash away?

A. The open celled structure of the ReitenRight Footing Additive retains moisture that weighs the material down. Once fully saturated, ReitenRight will actually sink if in standing or pooling water. This feature means that ReitenRight is far less likely to float or blow away when compared to other additives. 


Q. How does the ReitenRight Footing Additive compare to other types of footing additives?

A. ReitenRight was specifically tested, reviewed, and manufactured to create a superior riding surface for all types of arenas. Unlike its competitors, the ReitenRight Footing Additive is comprised of high quality, consistent materials that exceed human contact and environmental standards. The unique cellular structure of the material offers the perfect blend of moisture retention and dust control, while also providing appropriate amounts of cushioning and energy return. The textile fibers provide stability and structure ensuring a sound ride for both horse and rider. Frosting is, quite simply, the most advanced footing additive solution on the market today.